Jeff and NormHow to Beat the New Year’s Resolution Curse

I love January 1. I love the whole idea of it. A new year. A new you. Opportunity. Excitement. Positivity. Looking ahead. Moving forward. Thriving. Any opportunity to reflect on our lives – to assess who, what and where we are is a good thing. Any opportunity to set new goals, to strive for improvement, to reach for the stars even – is a good thing. So let’s embrace it.

But beware.

The ugly truth is that most people who set goals for the new year or have resolutions fail. The even uglier truth is that most fail or quit by January 17. Barely two weeks into the new year! That’s the New Year’s Resolution Curse!

Why is that? Why do most people quit so soon? There are a few main reasons:

  • They set too many goals
  • The goals are unrealistic
  • No one holds them accountable
  • They have no community support
  • There’s no real consequence

Iron Age Athletics has a new program to address these challenges, helping you get past that January 17th date and well into the new year on track.

Join our Beat the Curse program, an accountability driven service with three components:

  • A goal setting call
  • An accountability partner
  • A reward or consequence driver

The details:

  • It begins with a 30 to 60 minute call to determine one goal. One SMART goal.
    • S:  Specific
    • M: Measurable
    • A: Attainable/Realistic
    • R: Relevant
    • T: Time-bound
  • Then we get you set up in the Iron Age Athletics community
    • You are given a private group, which includes just you and me (our place to communicate)
    • We agree to the number of times and days you will post a status of your SMART goal
      • The sole purpose of this activity is to keep you accountable
  • Also, as a member in the Iron Age Athletics app, you can also post to the main feed as often as you like, and take advantage of a positive, inclusive community that is helping each other thrive
  • This program will run for 3 months, getting you past the January 17th curse date, and well into the new year
  • The cost is just $99.00 US
  • Here’s the catch. The consequence. Three strikes and you’re out.
    • This is the tough love section
    • At any point during the 3 months, if you fail to post at the agreed upon days three times – you are dropped from the Beat the Curse program
    • No refund. No reward (you can, of course, remain a member of the Iron Age Athletics community – which I hope you do – and continue to post and share your journey of health and wellness in the main feed)
  • But let’s not focus there, because I want you to be successful.
    • If you make it through the three months without three strikes and if you attain your SMART goal, you get the following reward:
      • Special recognition within the Iron Age Athletics community
        • Recognition in a Beat the Curse summary post at the end of March
        • A Beat the Curse badge
      • A Beat the Curse t-shirt
      • An Iron Age Athletics t-shirt
      • An Iron Age Athletics wrist band
      • A certificate of accomplishment

If this all sounds good to you, and you’re ready to Beat the Curse!

Once you are signed up, I will send you an email to schedule our goal setting call – and then we are on our way. Let’s Beat the Curse in 2023!