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Helping people, over 50, thrive.

100% is Easy

The Iron Age way starts with the belief that 100% is easy.

Not a new concept, but absolutely transformative in that it takes all the debate, decision-making, worry and angst out of your commitments. Because 100% means you do them every day. No matter what.

It is … the law. The way. The path. Whatever you want to call it.

This is the mindset that I have used over the last 5+ years to exercise every day for 1,864 days in a row (and counting).

What makes it “easy” as opposed to trying to exercise 5 days a week, is I don’t have to decide which days. I don’t have to debate whether or not I feel like it. I don’t have to watch the weather and switch days because it’s raining. 

All that noise just goes away. You take those minds games out of the equation!

I exercise every day. No matter what. I don’t worry about the weather. I don’t worry about how I feel. I don’t worry if I’m traveling. I don’t worry.

I don’t have to fight it. I just exercise. Every day.

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3 Things Every Day

Taking that belief, that 100% is easy, and turning it into action is the next step.

To this end, I have developed a habit stacking platform called “3 Things Every Day” which is the centerpiece to a lifestyle of discipline and getting things done.

Consistency over time is the secret sauce.

Running every day for a month is cool. Run every day for 3 months is habit forming. Run every day a year – and you’ll be a different person.


Connection, Community, Accountability

And finally, the whole concept of the Iron Age Athletics vision was about connecting with others … about creating a community of men and women who want to share their journey through this Iron Age – and more importantly – help each other to thrive by staying on the path and being accountable.

Surround yourself with a circle of people who expect the best from you (and you of them) and the outcomes might be more than you can even imagine.

Jeff and Norm
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A Pride that Thrives

My purpose in life is to thrive and to help others thrive (in all areas of their lives).

My thriving starts with fitness and spreads out from there. When I am fit – I feel I can do anything and be anything – as if I have no limits. When I am feeling lean, clean and clear my confidence is high, I am calm and purposeful, and I can move my passions forward with enthusiasm.

I am positive and forward thinking.

In my Iron Age, that is a magical place to be.

I created the Iron Age Athletics brand to be for and about a “pride that thrives” – and the fitness foundations I have laid out here have worked for me and I know they will work for you as well.

As we enter and journey through the 50+ age bracket, I believe this can be the greatest epoch of our lives. If we stay positive, continue to look forward, stay fitness-minded, and stay connected – we can and will thrive.