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If you are an entrepreneur, start-up or growing business and struggling with your identity or wondering how you can create better alignment and focus  with your team Рthen Iron Age Business Consulting can help. With years of executive-level strategic, marketing, innovation and coaching experience РI can help you introduce tools that will enable you to better understand and communicate your business model, your strategies, your execution plans Рand more.

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The Business Model Canvas

The very first thing I like to complete in any consulting opportunity is a Business Model Canvas. This is one of the best tools to fully understand your business and how it will launch, change, and innovate as it grows and responds to new dynamics in the market.

This simple, 9 step tool captures the basic building blocks of your business (e.g. your customer segments, the value you provide them, etc.) so you can easily compare it to your competitors and more importantly, communicate it to your team.

This is the first tool you will use in your arsenal to create alignment and focus. This is the start, the foundation, of how you will create and maintain a common language for your team.

Besides giving you and your team clarity on how your company drives revenue and profit, it gives you a powerful tool to discuss opportunities, changes and threats – that puts everyone on the same page.

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You can read more about the Business Model Canvas at strategyzer – who first described the canvas in the book “Business Model Generation”.

Strategy Workshops

“The number-one responsibility of a leader is to catalyze a clear and shared vision for the company and to secure commitment to and a vigorous pursuit of that vision.” — Jim Collins and Bill Lazier, from “BE 2.0”

There is no better tool to deliver this vision, strategy and set of tactical drivers than with a One Page Strategic Plan – the best, being some version of the one described in “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish and the team at Gazelles.

I can you walk you and your team through the process of creating a unique One Page Strategic Plan just for your company – which will align and focus your team on the most critical strategies and key initiatives that will need to be executed over the next 1 to 3 years.

This is another incredible tool that will provide a common language for your company and become the starting point for every critical decision that will need attention quarter to quarter.

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Execution Plans and Accountability

A strategy is worthless without clear priorities and action plans.

Your team must be able to take your strategic plan and turn it into a more detailed “set of instructions” to ensure it is executed successfully.

One of the best ways to do this is to create “swim lanes” for each key initiative – which becomes the third key tool I like to help companies develop.

Each swim lane starts with a 12 month SMART goal, followed by quarterly SMART goals and tactics. These become your “instructions” for lack of a better term to give your team – which in turn becomes an accountability tool that ensures it is crystal clear who is doing what, and when.

If you couple this with bi-weekly coaching sessions, you and your team will be communicating on a regular basis – and the business model canvas, the one page strategic plan and your set of swim lanes as a common language to keep everyone aligned, focused and accountable.

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Fractional CMO

If you would like additional help with strategy, execution, or marketing support – I may have openings for fractional CMO work.

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