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If you are an entrepreneur, start-up, or growing business and struggling with your identity, how you can create better alignment and focus with your team, or how to deal with ongoing limitations – then IronBiz Consulting may be right for you.

We can work with you to introduce a set of tools that will enable you and your team to better understand what makes you different and what makes you tick so you can execute what really matters – ultimately driving revenue, profits and cash flow.

The tools we give you will improve conversations, speed decision-making and drive action. All leading to results.

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  • Needs Assessment
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Customer Discovery

We begin every engagement by fully understanding your situation and needs. 

A Business Model Canvas is completed to capture the basic building blocks of your business.

It is one of the best tools to fully understand your business and how it will launch, change and innovate as it grows and responds to new dynamics in the market.

Additional tools may be used including SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and trends), business thesis & assumptions and customer discovery interviews.

This preliminary work leads directly into strategic planning.

Strategy & Communication

  • Strategic Planning
  • Swim Lanes for Key Initiatives
  • Function & Process Assessment

The outcome of strategy planning is One Page Strategic Plan which captures and communicates the company’s vision, strategy and priorities – creating focus and alignment for all team members.

It sets the stage for company, department and team member key initiatives and projects.

Swim Lanes give clarity and detail to key initiatives and projects with yearly and quarterly S.M.A.R.T. goals and more detailed tactics.

This phase also includes an assessment of the team, functions and processes to ensure the execution phase can be successfully managed.

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Execution and Accountability

  • Coaching/Communication Sessions
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Business Tools Updating

In order to reach your goals – weekly, bi-weekly and/or quarterly strategic and execution meetings should be set up with both leadership and front-line team members.

This meeting rhythm ensures key initiative and projects are prioritized, tracked and updated. It ensures the highest level of accountability.

To help individual team members grow professionally, personally, and stay accountable to their own priorities and larger company goals – we can assist with setting up and managing bi-weekly coaching/communication sessions.

As part of this process the Biz Model Canvas, One Page Strategic Plan and Swim Lanes are regularly updated.

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Growth Support

  • Product & Service Launches
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Innovation

We will stay engaged with you for as long as you like, helping to drive continuous improvement, innovation and growth.

We can dedicate fractional CMO, COO, etc. time with you and your team to assist with ongoing needs.

As the Biz Model Canvas, One Page Strategic Plan and Swim Lanes are regularly updated against threats and opportunities – rapid pivots (big and small) can mean the different between success and failure.

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Click the button below to start a conversation. We’d love to hear more about your challenges and opportunities.