It’s almost that time!

Time for the 2nd Annual Iron Age Athletics Decathlon.

This is a ten event, one or two day virtual competition that really puts your fitness to the test – testing your strength, speed and endurance.

It can be completed with basic home gym equipment. You can complete it in one day or two, but the events needs to be completed in the following order:

DAY 1:

  1. Bench press (5 rep max)
  2. Squat (5 rep max)
  3. Sit-ups (2 min, max reps)
  4. Burpees (50 for time)
  5. Five mile run (for time)

DAY 2:

  1. Deadlift (5 rep max)
  2. Strict pull-ups (max reps, unbroken)
  3. Push-ups (2 min, max reps)
  4. Knees-to-elbows (50 for time)
  5. One mile run (for time)

The virtual event is held the weekend before Thanksgiving, so this year it will be on Nov 18 & 19.

If you would like to share your results with the rest of us doing it, you can post your information HERE.

I did the event last year and here is a summary of how it went:  2022 IAA Decathlon Recap

We hope you will join us again this year for a really fun, excellent fitness challenge.