Jeff and NormExcitement. Genuine excitement and enthusiasm… seems to be something we tamper down as adults.

Corporate life or just life itself kind of beats it out of us. Got to be “professional” – got to be “mature” – got to be calculating in everything we do.

I’ve been fighting this my entire adult life.

Truth is, one way you can describe me is like a kid a Christmas. I get really excited about things. I get super enthused and passionate about books I read (and what I could do with those new ideas). I get pumped up for events. I get amped up for great strategy, great conversations, ideas, gifts – whatever.

It’s genuine.

I like to feel that way. It’s fun. It’s me.

Why the heck should I hide that?

Why should you?

What we need more than ever (as we embrace our Iron Age) is to let our true selves out. Take off the governor and let those good emotions out.

I know one thing – that kid at Christmas is pretty damn happy.