Met with my business coach this morning, who also happens to be an Iron Age athlete, a former triathlete who is still going hard every day – and a good friend.

Not a bad combination.

There is an energy when we meet. We feed off each other’s positive energy, excitement and passion for business and fitness, among other things. It’s a give and take experience where 1+1=3.

It’s always a meeting where I walk away feeling energized and positive – like a fire-breathing dragon ready to take on the world.

What a gift he gives me.

I hope I give a little of that same gift in return.

Real connections are rare. But necessary – especially today with zoom calls dominating our professional lives and isolation in varying degrees still lingering.

I hope you have someone in your life where you can truly connect in a positive way. I hope you get together on a regular basis. I hope you give as much as you take – and experience the joy and magic that can happen when you mix that secret sauce.

That’s kind of what I hope Iron Age Athletics can be.

A place just for us – a community of fitness fanatics over 50 who we can celebrate, inspire, motivate and help each other thrive. That’s the vision.

Stay tuned and stay with me. It’s coming.