One of my favorite recent books is “Be Water, My Friend” by Shannon Lee.

It captures many of the teachings of her father, Bruce Lee, and how they may be applied to the every day.

It really is a wonderful book, worthy of many re-reads or skimmings again and again – because there are so many great takeaways.

One of the early ones that caught my attention is embodied in this quote, “Every martial arts lesson starts with a bow. It’s not a subservient thing. It’s an intention thing. I’m here. I’ve shown up. I’m paying attention and I’m ready to participate.”

I do love the intention part of it.

It’s like a signal to the world (and yourself) – hey, I’m ready. Game on!

What a way to start any engagement. Any activity. Any day really.

It’s one of the reasons I try to remain diligent about by morning routine: up early, exercise, coffee/protein drink, journaling.

It’s my way of starting the day with intent. It gets me alert and paying attention (and a chance to be reflective) – and get’s me off on the right foot – ready to participate.

Whether it’s a morning routine, or a mantra, or something else – this is a great reminder not to sleep walk through anything.

Life. Moments. Interactions. They are all too precious to not be intentional.

Let’s be more attentive. Let’s really participate.

That little “extra” can make all the difference.