We need a new event.

Sure – we have the CrossFit games, Deka Fit, Ironmans, Decathlons, etc.

But we need something for the home “Hybr3d” athlete – something to test our StrengthSpeed and Endurance.

What could we do at home, with minimal or basic equipment, to really put ourselves to the test?

What’s the decathlon for the rest of us – the “normal” fitness freaks – who are grinding it out at home every day – because we love it – not because we’re training for the olympics.

If you were to to create a 10 event, home edition games, what would they look like?

  •   Bench press
  •   Squat
  •   Deadlift
  •   10 mile run
  •   1 mile run
  •   Pull-ups
  •   Sit-ups
  •   Burpees
  •   Circuit of some kind
  •   Kettle Bell swings

I often thought it would be fun to get the buddies together and do our own home fitness decathlon.

What I really would like to do is come up with a good virtual event like this, and have it be the first Iron Age Athletics event we host after the app goes live (in September).

So shoot me your thoughts.

What are the 10 events you would put together to determine who has the best combination of strength, speed and endurance among your crew of workout partners?