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Oura Ring 4 Coming Soon?

Software will be the focus


The Oura Ring, if based on previous release schedules, may release version 4 later this year – but comments from CEO Tom Hale suggest v4 won’t come until 2025.

While little is known about the next-generation ring, CEO Tom Hale suggests it will be more about the software than the hardware.

Livewire has a nice article which makes some educated guesses on what new features might be present:

  • Contactless Payments
  • Symptom Radar proactive health monitoring
  • Improved Health Sensors for sleep monitoring, heart rate, activity, and more.

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Iron Ager of the Month

Our July Iron Ager of the Month is Yves Chandonnet Fox “Foxy”.


Yves, in his early 50’s, is a triathlete currently training for a 70.3 in Italy this Fall. He has consistently hit age group podiums in his last 5 races – and feels he is in the best shape of his life right now.

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MY Week

A look at how other Iron Agers train

The MY Week column is focused on sharing how some of our Iron Agers train during various times of the year.

It’s always helpful to see what others are doing in order to ensure we are optimizing our own exercise/training programs.

This month’s MY Week is from is from Anna Hägerstrand.

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Anna has been active all her life, in some form or another- but did play soccer consistently from age 10 to 34 (she stopped after her 2nd daughter was born). After soccer, she did some weight-lifting and running – but without a focus or clear goals.

In 2018, she started CrossFit, which she really liked, but found it very hard on her body – so something had to change – especially after a string of injuries left her not feeling comfortable in her body.

In 2019 Anna started a personal training program that involved weightlifting and nutrition – and has never looked back! She set up a home gym – and during the COVID lockdown, Anna made a huge transformation in her body and was feeling awesome.

Like many iron agers, Anna struggled with menopause symptoms in late 2022, and struggled for a bit – but, as she said, “enough was enough” and is back on track to be the best version of herself before she turns 55.


If you would like to be featured in MY Week, submit your information HERE.

Is DEKA Fit the Best Event to Test Your Fitness?

Interview with Jennifer Fisher (TheFitFork)

Before we get into DEKA, I’m always interested in how people started their fitness journeys. What did you do as a youth?

As a kid, I participated in gymnastics, eventually on the high school team through age 15. I was “okay” but honestly got too tall, too scared, and lost interest to other activities.

I was always a good runner (for example would always come in first on those Presidential fitness test things) and ran some with my mom during the 70s “jogging” craze. My mom said “I ran circles around her,” and encouraged me to do track or cross country. I would just look at her and roll my eyes, and say no way. I do have a little regret about not taking her up on it!

Also, this is random accomplishment, but in 6th grade, I won a judged “Static Wall Sit” competition – hold time of 1 hour, 37 minutes (and I don’t remember the seconds!). I still have the trophy and, today, always wonder ‘how did I even do that’!

What did you do later on, in your 20’s and 30’s?

In college, I decided to take up running a few laps of the 1-mile loop around my apartment. I didn’t have a goal in mind – only to stay somewhat fit.

Later, in my early 20s, I started running a little further and longer, and would enter a 5k or 5 miler, here and there. I would always do great, often placing in the towards the top overall.

One day at the park, a guy asked me if I was going to run the upcoming Houston Marathon (the was around 1994). I said “YES” – having no idea when the race even was (thankfully I did know it was 26.2 miles – haha). I found an entry form (they were paper mail-ins back then) and realized I had 2 ½ months to get ready – so I did it! I ran a 3:22 fairly easily and within a few more marathons over the next few years cut 30+ minutes off my time.

The last marathon I ran in my 20s was Portland and it was my last chance to qualify for the Olympic Trials (you only had to break 2:50 back then for women). I missed the mark by a little less than a minute, and went home disappointed, but also motivated, since I was basically so new to the sport. I also went home feeling “weird” – which later had me realizing I was about 9 weeks pregnant during the race! My husband and I went on to start our family, and today we have 3 boys in total!

I spent my entire 30s pushing the baby jogger and enjoying running, but not competing or really pushing myself. I told family, I would get back to competing when I turned 40, which I did. Within 5 years, I was getting really bored and frustrated with the marathon. That’s when I a running friend who owned a Crossfit box suggested I try to get stronger to help my running – it can only help you, she said. It did help me, but it also opened up my eyes to new sports that would interest me.

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Closeup of barbell Lifting

Challenge of the Month

For July, let’s take a challenge from  “8 Weeks to Seal SealFit – A Navy Seal’s Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness” by Mark Divine.

The “challenge” is really a baseline screening test he recommends readers take:

  1. As many perfect, Navy SEAL-style push-ups as you can in 2 minutes
  2. As many sit-ups and you can in 2 minutes
  3. As many pull-ups as you can before you gas out
  4. A 500 meter swim (or substitute a 2,000 meter row if you don’t have access to a pool)
  5. A 1.5 mile run

Include a 10 minute rest between each of the five challenges.

You can check your results against the SEAL standards HERE.

You can also record your results HERE, to see how you compare with other Iron Agers.

We’ll post the results in the next issue.

Survey of the Month

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Product Review

Barbell Jack


When I started doing more deadlifts a few years ago (yes, I was late to the game) – it was always a pain in the neck sliding 45’s onto the bar – especially since I work out in a home gym – usually by myself.

Then I stumbled upon the Barbell Jack in an Instagram ad – and instantly pulled the trigger. 

It’s as useful and easy to use as advertised – and the ≈$50 cost didn’t break the bank.

The tool is build very, very sturdy and jack up to 550 lbs on each side. Simply slide the hooking (mid-section) of the jack under the bar and rotate it backwards. It lifts the plates just enough to easily slide them off and on.

You can purchase the Barbell Jack HERE

Event Listings


If you are interested in signing up for a DEKA FIT event, there are a few competitions still in the US for the remainder of the year:

  • DEKA FIT MidWest, July 20th (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
  • DEKA FIT NorthEast, August 24th (Oaks, Pennsylvania)
  • DEKA FIT Florida, September 7-8 (Ocala, Florida)

DEKA does have other events (DEKA Strong, DEKA Strong Ruck, DEKA Mile, DEKA Mile Ruck, DEKA Fit Ruck, and DEKA Fit Ultra).

For a complete list of events, zone descriptions and more – visit DEKA

Our Charity

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