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INNOV8 Launches New Shoe Shape and Fits

Customer feedback inspires a redesign to promote a more natural feel


Throughout 2024 INOV8 is launching a radical new footwear collection across all three of their categories: run, walk and gym.

The collection features the biggest and most exciting design enhancements in their history, stretching back to 2003. The first shoe unleashed from the new pack was the MUDTALON SPEED in early January, followed by the TRAILFLY SPEED in February. More will follow throughout the year.

All new footwear within the rebranded 2024 collection shares an exciting new foot-shaped fit that promotes a more natural feel and better foot health. Incorporated within the new shape are three new fits – Precision, Standard and Wide. All new shoes will first be available in one or two of these fits.

The decision to change the shape of our footwear from 2024 onwards was driven by customer and athlete feedback, together with our desire to enhance the fit and promote a more natural feel to our footwear.

The new carefully crafted foot-shaped fit that will feature on all new INOV8 footwear hugs the natural contours of the whole foot. It locks in at the heel for a confidence-boosting, secure hold and widens at the toes to allow the feet and toes to function naturally and splay. This will bring greater performance benefits and comfort levels for runners, walkers and gym enthusiasts. It will also help deliver better foot health, with toes having more space.

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Iron Ager of the Month

Our June Iron Ager of the Month is Shawn Hoyt.


Shawn is in his mid 50’s and is on a mission to prove to himself and others that we can get better as we get older.

In April, he completed the Boston Marathon after a 23 yr hiatus. In addition to running, Shawn rucks, lifts weights and competes in OCR races and triathlons.

From Shawn, “Why am I so focused on my fitness and my mindset as I get into my mid-50s and beyond? The reason: to inspire myself, and others to become the best versions of ourselves as we get older. To embrace the mindset that age is not a limitation, it is an asset. To decide, every day, to make a positive impact in the lives of others. To push myself outside of my comfort zone and put in the hard work, consistently, to achieve my goals, so that I am best able to inspire and support others to achieve theirs.?

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Older Male Lifter

MY Week

A look at how other Iron Agers train

The MY Week column is focused on sharing how some of our Iron Agers train during various times of the year.

It’s always helpful to see what others are doing in order to ensure we are optimizing our own exercise/training programs.

This months MY Week is from the founder of Iron Age Athletics – a fitness fanatic who considers himself a “hybrid athlete” – focusing on weight training and running.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF

Jeff believes in exercising every day, and has been doing so for over five years. This #nodaysoff mentality has been a game changer for him – and might be for you as well.

This type of training or exercising, combined with the every day mentality, keeps Jeff in a “semper paratus” state – meaning “always ready”. His his buddies want to run an half marathon, he’s a go. If he wants to complete the Murph Challenge, he can. If they decide to enter a Spartan or DEKA event, he will be ready.

With a focus on weight training and running, he feels like is is ready for anything at any time.


If you would like to be featured in MY Week, submit your information HERE.

How Do You Compare?

Did you complete the Murph Challenge this year? If you are curious how you stack up against others, there is a world-wide leaderboard on the official Murph Challenge website.

CLICK HERE to view the 20224 leaderboard.

While the leaderboard doesn’t include ages, it will give you an idea of where your time fits against those that registered.

Challenge of the Month

For June, let’s keep it simple with push-ups and sit-ups – and start looking ahead to the Iron Age Athletics Fitness Decathlon in November (as these exercises are part of the 10 events).

The challenge:

  1. How many push-ups can you complete in two minutes? Let’s keep these strict … chest to the floor and full-extension of the arms on the way up.
  2. How many Crossfit sit-ups can you do complete in two minutes? HERE is a link to what a Crossfit sit-up is.

Submit your results HERE. 

We’ll post the results in the next issue.

Survey of the Month

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Product Review

Titan Fitness T-2 Short Power Rack


If you have a home gym with low ceilings, the Titan Fitness T-2 Short Power Rack is worth a look.

I was looking for a second rack to add to my home basement gym, so my son and I could workout at the same time without getting in each others way.

We needed something basic – a rack for pull-ups, chin-ups and squats – something that would fit in our basement – and something that wouldn’t break the bank.

At $399.00, the Titan T-2 Short Rack fit the bill.

It is a SHORT rack, coming in at only 71 inches high (compared to 83 inches for the standard rack). With a drop-ceiling, our basement is only 6.5 ft high, so this just made it under. We did remove some of the ceiling tiles above the pull-up bar, so our heads would have room doing pull-ups and chin-ups – and that worked out just fine. We also have to bend our knees doing the pull-ups and chin-ups to keep our feet off the floor – but again, that is the price you pay for a basement gym with low ceilings.

The T-2 Series features 2″ x 2″ 14-Gauge Steel Uprights (compared to 2 x 3-inch 11-gauge for the T-3 Series) but it is plenty sturdy for the workouts we do (the rackable capacity being 850 lbs).

It assembles quickly and easily … the two of us had it unpacked and put together in less than 30 minutes.

It’s certainly not commercial-gym grade, but it is perfect for our gym and our needs.

CHECK OUT the rack here

Our Charity

The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and other non-profit groups nationwide.

Our Iron Age Fitness Decathlon is the event we host to raise money for the Grey Muzzle Organization.