The Iron Age Athletics Community App

Iron Age Athletics is a brand dedicated to the belief that fitness is a foundational, corner stone to our health and wellness. Ultimately, we want to help people over 50 thrive in their “Iron Age.”

The Iron Age Athletics community platform is a safe, inclusive space for fitness-minded people to come together to celebrate, inspire, motivate and connect with each other during the greatest epoch of our lives.

It is a place where we can learn from and help each other outside the noise of the large social media platforms.

Here you will be able to:
  • Post text, photos and video
  • Join and be part of public and private groups
  • Learn from & help each other in our topic specific groups
  • Have access to curated content
  • Have access to exclusive products and services
  • and more
  • FREE
  • some in-app purchases (select events, the accountability feature, products)

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