If you follow Christopher McDougall on Twitter (@ChristopherMcDougall), did you happen to catch his tweet this morning as he opened the very first copy of his “Born to Run 2” book?

You can watch it here:  https://twitter.com/ChrisMcDougall/status/1575826533926973440?s=20&t=CUE9oYrWMQYBtRzJJJW62A

It’s a beautiful, genuine, joyful reaction to seeing the hard copy of his book for the very first time.

I’m a huge fan of Chris .… His “Born to Run” book is one of my all-time favorites (“Running with Sherman” is pretty good too) …. And seeing his reaction brought a huge smile to my face. It made me happy, seeing him happy.

It’s not often we get a peek behind the curtain like this – seeing the joy of accomplishment in something other than athletics, which we see all the time.

Heck, we see NFL players each week dance and celebrate like they won the lottery after a sack.

But this is different.

As Chris talks us through the unveiling – he takes us through the arc of the idea and the vision, the hard work, the doubt, and finally the accomplishment. 

When’s the last time you felt like that? Felt real, true, maybe even quiet joy in accomplishment?

I felt that way recently, with the launch of the Iron Age Athletics app. And my hope with sharing this clip is that it might inspire you to get that passion project started or completed.

It’ll be worth it.