Older Male LifterThese days I’m more interested in being “fit” – generally really fit – than I am interested in anything super specific – like running a fast 5k, maxing out a bench press, or training for anything sport-specific.

Being fit, to me, means I can do anything.

It means I can say YES to anything.

And I love that feeling.

If my #nodaysoff crew wants to hold a power lifting competition one weekend, I’m in.

If my son wants to do a Spartan race, I’m in.

If my friend suggests we enter a half marathon trail race, I’m in.

It means saying Yes to the Murph each Spring.

It means saying Yes to hikes with my wife.

It means saying Yes to anything.

It’s actually very freeing. It opens up the door for having fun, making memories and doing new things.

Something we should never stop doing – especially in our Iron Age.

P.S. – It also makes your fitness “routine” less rigid. Gives you the freedom to do and try all sorts of things new things in the gym or wherever the workout takes you. That’s fun too!