Born to Run
by Christopher McDougal

The book that started the minimal/barefoot revolution is as good as the hype that surrounds it. The history, the science, the crazy cast of characters … I could not put this book down. If you’ve ever ran a step in your life, you’ll find this book fascinating.

Ultramarathon Man
by Dean Karnazes

If you want to know how this legendary ultra runner go started – and hear some crazy stories along the way, then this book is for you. It also might inspire you to take that leap, change your life, and live your dream.

The Perfect Mile
by Neal Bascomb

The story behind how Roger Bannister became the first human in history to break the 4:00 mile. Some great lessons in this book, one being the theory that Bannister became the first to break the barrier because he KNEW he could, while all the others hoped they could. His mindset was different than everyone one else’s. Once he broke the barrier, a flood of others did too – because now the believed it was possible.

Bowerman and the Men of Oregon
by Kenny Moore

A fantastic portrait of a man who helped launch the running boom and Nike. The man is a legend – and you really get a taste of it with this book. Helps explain why Nike as a rule #11 – “Remember the man.” That man being Bowerman.

Shoe Dog
by Phil Knight

The Bowerman book leads right into this one, the early history of Nike. When you think of Nike you think of this multi-billion company with world-wide reach, but, of course, that was not always the case. They were very small and very fragile for about the first 15 years, and almost never made it. This might be my favorite one on the list – because it touches on sport, history and business.