I was reading thru some older material of mine, a blog post from 10 years ago titled “100 Tips About Life.” – a bulleted list of nuggets I’ve picked up over the years. Maybe worth a share here at some point (with some updates – we never stop learning).

One of the bullets read, “You will never forget your very best effort.” Followed by,  “Your very best effort will be worth it.”

I’ve never forgotten those words.


Some athletes train years for that opportunity… to display it on the biggest stage – like the Olympics.

Some try to give it every night – like Jordan on the basketball court.

When it happens, when you know it happens… it must be an amazing feeling. Your very best! Magical. Mythical. Memorable.

It must be freeing in some way.

I can only imagine.

I don’t think I’ve given my very best yet. I know I haven’t.

Have you? Have you had that amazing experience?

I believe, one day, I will give my very best. I will leave everything out there. All the training, all the work, all the pain – it will be worth it. For the joy of that moment.

It’s part of what keeps me going in my Iron Age. That one day I will put it all together – and have that magical moment of knowing … this, this was your very best.

Gives me chills just thinking about it.

How about you?