We’ve all seen some wacky shit at the gym.

Heck, I see weird stuff every week when I leave the home gym and workout with my wife at her gym. I’m no expert, but I’ve seen some people doing moves that are perplexing to say the least.

But, ya know what … more power to them! They are there. Working out. Rock on!

It’s rare though, that we see something really good, positive – that sticks with you in a powerful way.

I remember a number of years ago watching a commotion break out – and the powerful turn of events that taught me a lesson on self-control and emotional intelligence that I will never forget.

Like I said, this commotion breaks out … I missed how it started  – but one guys starts yelling at another. He’s mad, agitated, yelling about “disrespecting the equipment, disrespecting me…” A little over the top (a lot, actually). Caught all of us off guard – especially the guy he was yelling at – who quickly backed off – and the situation ended.

But the “hot head” was still agitated, annoyed, unnerved.

He stepped away from his equipment, walked around it a few times – then quickly and decisively, as if something clicked in his head, got down on one knee in silence and powerful  stillness and righted the ship.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this guy. It was mesmerizing to watch.

I don’t know what he was going thru, what emotions he was dealing with, what he said to himself when he was down on one knee.

But when he popped back up, he was a different man.

His whole demeanor changed, and he simply went back to work.

I’ve found myself coming back to that image again and again – especially when my short fuse starts to burn.

What a powerful lesson.

When you feel yourself becoming agitated or unnerved in some way – recognize it – STOP – take a minute. Clear your head. Remember who are and who you want to be. Let it go and move on.

That’s the whole concept of self-awareness and self-regulation – and that one episode is seared in my head as the lesson I need to remember.

How about you? What positive, powerful things have you seen at the gym? I’d love to hear about them.