I’ve been thinking a lot about accountability lately. Why it works. Why it doesn’t. How can we create and introduce a feature/function in the app that really helps people reach their goals.

I know that if you set a goal of eating healthy dinners every night for 3 months, and you ask a friend to “hold you accountable” thinking that is the secret sauce to ensure success – it’s unlikely to happen.

Accountability starts and ends with YOU.

Until you decide. Until you commit. Until you get your mind and your why right – your accountability partner is not going to be that secret weapon you are hoping for.

I think there’s a lot of mystery still on what it takes to “get your mind right.”

I’ve been exercising every day now for over 1,400 days – and that started totally by accident. But somewhere early along the way, some switch flipped in my head, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be the first one in my accountability group to miss a day.

What the accountability group does now is help on those days when the motivation isn’t there – they almost act a discipline partner more than anything.

I’ve got to send in my workout every day. If I don’t I’ll be letting them down probably more than myself. If they’re still doing it, then so can I. So I continue to do it – and so do they.

I think that “team” dynamic is important. Knowing others are IN THIS with you. That’s powerful.

Maybe that’s the secret sauce.

I don’t know yet.

Maybe we’re just competitive freaks – and don’t want to lose.

Maybe we all got our mind right along the way.

What I do know is that there is something there. That if we could duplicate that for others – it would be powerful.

So we’ll introduce something soon. It may not be perfect at the start, but we’ll get it right.

Very excited about this – because the experience I’ve had with my accountability group is one of the reasons I started Iron Age Athletics.

So we can THRIVE in our Iron Age.