Fasting has become an increasingly popular topic of late, and after listing to the Over 50 Health & Wellness Podcast with Kevin English – episode 96 ( featuring Laurie Lewis, I decided to give a it try for a few weeks.

Here is what I have learned so far:

  • I can actually do it! 
      • In order to stay within an 8 hour eating window, I decided to have my fasting time run from 8:00pm to Noon
      • This meant no morning coffee (unless black) and no night time snacks
      • And it really isn’t too bad
      • They key, like most things, is getting your mind right and committing to it
      • Having tea in the morning and some zero calorie vitamin waters in the AM helped fight off some of the hunger (which never really kicked in until about 11am or so)
  • It can reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption
      • With the fasting period beginning at 8:00pm, it has eliminated nearly all alcohol consumption for me (I always preferred drinks later in the evening, not with dinner)
      • This is a great benefit most people probably don’t think about when they are considering a fasting routine
  • It has lead to a larger lunch and smaller dinners
      • By noon I am pretty famished, so I tend to have a very large lunch, which carries me throughout the day
      • I try to eat dinner close to the 8:00pm window, and even eating later in the evening like this, I am not as hungry like I am for the lunch time meal
  • My workouts have not suffered, even the morning long runs on Sunday
      • The fasting has had zero negative affects on my workouts
      • My energy is high throughout the day
      • I have had no issues getting through the last two Sunday longs in the AM (before any fueling) – covering 11 miles each of the runs
  • I feel great
      • I definitely feel a bit leaner
      • Probably due to the reduced alcohol consumption (and snacking those goes with it ) and paying a bit more attention to sound nutrition practices

I will be keeping this up for the remainder of the year (expect for a vacation planed in Dec), mainly because I like the routine in puts me in, and I want to continue eliminating alcohol consumption.

This is only a small sample size, so I will report back in at the end of the year.

With anything health & wellness related – do your own research, consult with your medical professional and other experts, and experiment.

Let me know if fasting works for you!