What’s Kogalla you ask?

Well – as Fall and Winter shorten the daylight hours, it’s critical to have an excellent light source when running, hiking or doing other activities when the sun goes down.

I’ve tried headlamps and various hand-held light sources, but nothing gave me a real confident feeling when running technical, single track trails in the woods at night – until Kogalla!

The Kogalla Ultra Trail Light has been a true game-changer for me.


It’s a 5 LED light strip that can be worn around your waist, giving you a wide and bright 120 degree light source – so you can perform at your best without worry, fear or motion sickness.

I have used my Kogalla trail light for years now – and it has given me back my running life in those months when you just can’t get out until it’s dark.

I have mounted mine to a running belt (actually an old running bib belt) and I place the battery in a SPIbelt:


Getting the light source off my head and out of my hands was the best move I could have made. Like I said earlier, I have zero issues now running at night, in any conditions.

Game changer.