Moderated by Certified Health & Wellness Professionals


Today, in an effort to broaden our health and wellness focus, we have added three new public groups to the Iron Age Athletics app.

These groups will me moderated by certified health and wellness professionals in order to ensure our members have access to trusted information and dialog in a safe, inclusive space.

The three new groups will be centered on topics important to our members:

  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health and Wellness
  • Physical Therapy

The Nutrition group will be moderated by Kelly Messier (NTP, The Nutrition Connection). Kelly is a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who operates The Nutrition Connection, a business that helps people thrive with a focus on nourishing foods, gut healing and lifestyle changes  – all in an effort to support the body’s ability to heal itself.

Kelly Messier, NTP

The Mental Health and Wellness group will be moderated by Norm Schneiter (Owner, BMK Coaching). Norm is a certified coach and the founder of BMK Coaching, a business that provides one to one coaching services for personal and professional development. This collaborative approach to coaching allows clients to, among other things: unlock potential, build self-awareness and increase self-confidence.

Norm Schneiter, BMK Coaching

The Physical Therapy group will be moderated by Nathaniel Luke (PT, DPT). Nathaniel is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has been helping patients for more than 7 years and currently works for one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers.

Nathaniel Luke, PT, DPT

These will be new places to focus your posts, discussions and questions on specific topics – in addition to the main Iron Age feed, which is more workout and fitness centric.

We hope these new groups add something positive and valuable to the community – as they will be safe, inclusive and positive spaces to share, educate and help each other thrive in our iron age.

To download or access the app – click HERE